IMPORTANT - Note About Fog Machines

Some of our lighting systems include the optional use of artificial fog /smoke or haze. Use of these effects requires that you first obtain clearance from the facility in which your event will be held.

Our devices are a safe and effective means of producing artificial fog/smoke and present no risk of hazard in most circumstances. The effect is produced using an FDA approved non-toxic, pharmaceutical grade water-soluble fluid with no unpleasant odor and no residue. [see Material Safety Data Sheet]

Some modern fire detection systems or smoke alarms can be sensitive to the presence of artificial fog/smoke. To use this effect properly it must be verified that such systems are absent, or can be temporarily defeated. Check first with the facilities manager where your event will be held. You may then need to contact your local fire marshal for assistance.

Do not attempt to override a fire detection system without the consent or assistance of the building superintendent and local fire marshal. It is unlawful to alter or defeat the fire safety equipment in any public venue without the presence of a local fire detail.

Before using this effects at your event you must return a completed authorization form to us using one of the following methods:

Print friendly version Authorization form

YES! Please include the fogger.. I've consulted the necessary people at the facility where my event will be held.

There is no conflict with a fire detection system.
Facilities Contact:
We have made arrangements with the local fire marshal.
Fire Depart. contact:

NO! Please do not include the fogger with my lighting & effects. I have decided not to use this effect at our event.

Your name:    Contract No.

Your Email: (for verification)

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