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What will you take with you at the end of the day?
We’ve had the opportunity to work with all kinds of people at every age level in many different kinds of events, including over a thousand weddings.  These wonderful and diverse experiences allow us to bring an open mind and fresh ideas to your wedding plans. Your life is filled with unique qualities and wonderful people just waiting to converge in a grand celebration with new traditions, personal style, and no creative limitations.  We provide an informed and highly experienced disc jockey free of these limitations. You’ll find a lot of DJ’s to be self-described “wedding specialists.”  We wouldn’t dare! We’ve found that term too often indicative of somone with a package formula, short list of go-to standards, and inability to think outside the box. If you’re The Lady in Red and love that Old Time Rock & Roll then You Will Survive because Through the Years of Celebration this routine has become as Unforgettable as it is predcitable.  Don’t get us wrong, we love classic tunes and they’re classics for a reason. We just think your DJ’s experience shouldn’t end there. Anyone can play from an old script - it’s getting everyone together tastefully on the same page that really matters most. We don’t rotate people on and off the dance floor by generational taste. We bring everyone together where memories are actually made rather than contrived.  We bring something old and make it new, and what we borrow from other experiences won’t leave you blue. We’re also adults.  It’s not our intention to trick out your wedding like an amusement park with trends from a sweet 16 or bat mitzvah.  We make appropriate suggestions and recommendations based on your needs and personal style or taste.  When it suits your theme or destination - we’re all in.  When it’s simply an unnecessary up-sell we won’t mention it twice.  There are no packages here because one size doesn’t fit all. We are as attentive to value as we are to your budget.  Contact us for a free no obligation consultation today!
“Never has a wedding DJ run out of music.  The tragedy is how often the disc jockey is just fresh out of ideas.” - R.M.
What do you want in a DJ?
What makes a great reception?
“To showcase ‘things’ or even ourselves is not the purpose. A wedding is not about spectators.  Our hospitality must reflect a sincere gratitude for their presence in our lives - not simply the event.
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