Reception Planner

Use this form to send us your planning ideas. Shortly before your wedding date, you should schedule an appointment to review all the pertinent details of your event in person, or by phone. Please remember to include your contact information so that your information is properly associated with your event. Click here for a printable version of this form.

Your Name Order number (if known)
Work Phone
Home Phone
Where will the ceremony be held?
Reception to be held at:
What time will guests arrive?    (hh:mm)
Will you have a receiving line (choose one)
Will the wedding party be introduced? Yes No

Please complete this section even if no introductions are planned.
Grandparents of the Bride    (if attending)
Grandparents of the Groom   (if attending)
Parents of the Bride
Parents of the Groom
Flower Girl(s)
Ring Bearer
Pair or Group Bridesmaids as Ushers in the order you prefer.
check here if bridesmaids & ushers will not be part of any introductions.
Maid Matron of Honor
Maid Matron of Honor (optional)
Best Man
Best Man (optional)
Bride's first name
Groom's first name
Introduce as:

Will your first dance be following the introductions
after receiving line
during dinner (between courses)
after dinner
What song would you like for this dance?
Will anyone present a
Blessing  Motzie    Kiddush   
Persons to present:
Will the Best Man present the first toast?
Yes No
Will there be other toasts?
Yes No
Persons to present:

Do we need to assist you at the reception with regard to any of the following items?
centerpieces  favors        cameras       other
Describe how you would like these handled.
Please indicate your preferences for cutting the wedding cake.

Do you have a particular song you'd like during the cake cutting?

Will the Bride dance with her Father?
Yes No
What song would you like for this dance?
Will the Groom dance with his Mother?
Yes No
What song would you like for this dance?
Do you have any additional notes regarding these parent dances?

Are any of the following to be included?
Bouquet Toss     Garter ceremony  Other

Select any of the following that apply to the closing;
Bride & Groom will change clothes
Circle of friends at closing
Bride & Grooms closing dance
What song would you like for this closing dance?

Are there any other inclusions we have not asked about?  If so, describe:
Please add any music favorites you'd like to have played.
Are there any selections or styles you'd prefer NOT to have played?

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